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This Idiot Is Really Confused! He Ripped His Shirt During Street Inteview!

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I've No Idea What The Fu*k Is He Talking About!

When You Can't Sing For Sh*t, But You're Fuc*ing Famous! He Looks Familiar To Me!

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Still, I'd Rather Have Him As The Next President, than Trump.

This Guy Is A Fuc*ing Master Of Marketing! I 'd Take A Year Contract In His Gym!

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What if vitamin companies told the truth in their ads?

Channing Tatum vs Beyoncé Gone Wild! Check This Crazy Battle!

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OMG Tatum Looks Hot To Me For The First Time!

One Guy, Four Stolen Cars! Motherfuc*er Thought It's A Grand Theft Auto?!

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Why didn´t He Take A Cop Car? It´s One Of The Fastest vehicles! - Facebook



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