Ultimate Hookah Guide for Beginners

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The hookah market has evolved a lot in the last 15 years, giving the users a plethora of choices. Those who are looking to purchase for their first hookah setup can get easily confused. Friends can advise you, but with diverse opinions, it can get even more baffling. Let us give you a few clear and concise ideas to help you set up something you did love to show off proudly.
Mission: To get a basic, reliable hookah setup along with 100g of tobacco, one pack of coals, a burner, for a total budget of $150 or less.


The Hookah

Since you are just starting, opt for a small (14 to 26 inches) hookah set of a maximum value of $60. Make sure it comes with the ashtray and the glass base. These days, hookahs may also come with free tongs to work with your heated coals. Look out for them.

The Hose

If your hookah set doesn’t come with a washable silicone-made hose, get it. Such a hose should come within $25. Avoid the traditional and disposable one; they aren’t durable enough.

The Bowl

Your hookah set is likely to include a bowl; however, you may consider upgrading it for a phunnel-styled bowl made of clay. You can pack it with 20 to 30 grams of tobacco. You can get a good one for under $25. Apart from traditional Egyptian clay bowls, there are glass and stoneware bowls as well, but phunnel bowls are best for the beginners.

The Coal

When it comes to lighting up your hookah, it always has to be the coconut coals. There are also easy and quick light coals, but coconut coals are much better. They are natural, long-lasting, and gives a clean taste. They come in multiple shapes and sizes; choose what suits you better. One kilo of coal can cost you around $16.

Lit Up the Coals

You need an electric burner or grill to heat the coals. A 1100w electric burner can come for $20 or less. Make sure the coals are evenly heated; otherwise, it will add a bad taste to your hookah. They take time, so have patience.

Heat Management

Right now, it is better to start your hookah journey with aluminum foil which will hardly cost you $5. There are Heat Management Devices like Kaloud Lotus, but it is too early to try them now. Use foil to cover your bowl (packed with tobacco) tightly. Then, prick some small holes to allow airflow.

The Tobacco

There are two types of tobacco; blonde and dark leaf. Start with the premium leaf tobacco – they are light, the flavors stay longer. Depending on the company, it can come for $15 or less. The market is flooded with different flavors; you will be having a hard time picking one though.

So now, you got everything to get started with your hookah. We advise you to learn a few more basics like how to pack your bowl before you lit up one!

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