Pick Your Hookah Coals Carefully

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When it comes to selecting a good hookah set, we brainstorm and do several calculations before settling down with one. However, hookah enthusiasts ignore one essential element of Shisha, which is the coals. It is believed that coal is to offer heat and any coal can do it but it any coal can do it, but it is not so. If you put your hookah together with some good coal, you will have a fantastic time, but if you go for the bad ones, then it can devastate you entire can devastate your full session. No matter how exquisite and expensive your hookah set is, don’t ignore the coals. It can single handedly make or destroy your hookah session.


Don’t get scared; we are going to share everything that will help you to pick the best coal along with some cool coal tips for a great hookah time. Here, we go:

Types of Coals: Which One Is Better and Why?

There are two different kinds of coals. One is Quick Lights, and the other is Coconut coals. Ask any passionate hookah lover; he will recommend Coconut Coals without wasting a second. There are a bunch of good reasons that also justify it.

  • Coconut Coals take time to heat up whereas Quick Lights light up very fast. You need an electric burner to light the; yet, Coco coals are more preferred. It is mainly because Coco Coals last longer than Quick Lights.
  • Coconut Coals are made using coconut shells which make them 100% natural, and organic. Nevertheless, Quick Lights may contain chemicals and accelerants like gunpowder which are not suitable for you.
  • Unlike Coconut Coals, Quick Lights alter the flavor of the hookah, making it terrible. One may find Quick Lights handy, but they are not an ideal option for lighting up your hookah.

What to Do When You Have Quick Lights Coco Coals but No Burner?

Such a situation can arise when you are on traveling. Since it takes a steady source of energy to light up the coco coals, you may think Quick Lights are better. Well, you can still work through it and enjoy your Shisha with coco coals. We will tell you the trick. You will need a metal bowl and aluminum foil to try it.

Make a cupola with the foil. Light your Quick Lights and put them in the metal bowl. Then place the Coconut Coals on them. Cover it up with the cupola you made. Leave two gaps in the dome to allow some airflow. In a few minutes, your coals will be ready – use a pair of flat tongs to turn and handle them.

Best Way to Light Coconut Coals

Get an electric burner – they are perfect for it. Take the coco coals, place them a little tilted in a circular position on the stove. Also, leave a minimal gap between the coals. All these create a heat whirlwind which quickens the heating process. Keep rotating the coals, so there is no black patch left. If there is a patch, it means your coal is not yet ready.

Coals: A Few More Things

They are available in multiple sizes and shapes like flats, cubes, and hexagons. Depending on what coal size and shape you are using and how you are setting your hookah, you can need two to several number coals for your hookahs. If you are using a Heat Management Device, then two can be enough; however, if you are using the same with just foil, then you will need three to four of them. In this case, place the coals towards the edge – it helps to heat the bowl evenly. Now if your smoke is too dense or too thin, you can remove or add coal.

I hope all these tricks will help you get the best out of your hookah! Order some Coconut Coals right now and see for yourself.

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