Complete Hookah Guide for Beginners

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Those who could never smoke a hookah but always fancied to have one, this is your chance. Today, we have brought you a quick beginners’ hookah guide to help you get started in no time.

First and foremost, you need a few things for your hookah, which are;

  • Hookah Setup. Try Zahrah Spade 2; it is considered the best set up for anyone just
    entering the world of hookah.
  • Water. For a good draw, you need water in the base of the hookah. Make sure your water level is around an inch above the end of the hookah stem. In other words, your stem should be an inch submerged in the water.
  • A Hookah Bowl. There are several kinds of bowls available in the market, but the best one for you would be a phunnel bowl. It is thick and conducts heat very well. One more thing, go for bowls made of clay.
  • A Hookah Hose. There are many hoses with a metal layer inside, which can get rusted in a few
    months. If you smoke using such hose, then you would be inhaling rust along with the hookah smoke. Hence, the hose that you would require is a silicone one.
  • A Fork. Unless you won’t want to get your hands dirty, get a fork to pack your  bowl.
  • Tobacco. You can try any tobacco you like, but for beginners, we recommend tobaccos
    made using blond leaves. Slowly, you can proceed to dark leaves, which are stronger.
  • A Hookah Foil. You can either buy some pre-cut foils or go for ordinary aluminum foil.
  • A Pin or Poker. You will need it to poke holes on your packed bowl to facilitate airflow.
  • Hookah Coals. Always go for the coconut coals – they give clean smoke, and last longer.
  • Hookah Coal Burner. The only downfall of coconut shell coals is that you need to light them on a heater(less than 1000 watts). They need time to get heated.
  • Tongs. You can also need a pair of tongs to handle the hot coals
  • HMD (optional). Heat Management Devices aren’t mandatory, but they heat the bowl
    evenly and keeps the smoke clean.
  • Hookah Mouth Tips. Unless it is your hookah, you may want to have some of these while passing on the hose.

Let’s Start Packing

  • First thing first, get you coals out and put them on the burner, so they get ready by the time you finish packing your bowl.
  • Now, get your hookah bowl filled with water. Make sure you fill enough water, so your hookah stem end gets around an inch submerged in the water.
  • Take some tobacco and pack the bowl with it. Put it as if your sprinkling the shisha. Another way would be to stuff the shisha and then use a fork to make air pockets, but it means overpacking your bowl as well.
  • Now cover your bowl evenly with two sheets of foil. You can use pre-cut foils or even the
    regular ones. You can also use an HMD instead of foil if you have one.
  • In can you are using foil, make a point to make a good number of holes in circles all over the bowl. Add a few more in the middle. You can use anything like a needle, pin, or even toothpick for this. Now put the bowl on the top of the hookah stem. It should be a snug fit.
  • Check on the coals – they should be entirely red hot by now. If not, turn them over and give a few minutes more. Once ready, use flat tongs to place them over the bowl. Try to space them out and preferably towards the edge.

It’s ready! Give it a few pulls, and slowly you will be able to cherish your flavorsome hookah!

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